Your skin is important to you. It helps protect your body from infections and regulates your body temperature. But it can also be a source of pain, discomfort, or embarrassment.

That's why our skin specialists at C-Care take the time to diagnose and treat your skin conditions. They specialise in both corrective and preventive treatments that will ensure that your skin stays looking its best every day.

The Department of Dermatology at C-Care offers comprehensive skin care diagnostics and treatment. The department provides a wide variety of speciality services in paediatric, medical and cosmetic dermatology. Our experts have successfully treated all forms of disfigurements including skin cancers and melanoma to acne and skin related problems. Our skilled approach at skincare is set to have our patients discover the gift of glowing skins.

At C-Care, you can now gain access to the latest treatments for skin diseases and cosmetic dermatology.