21 August 2023

C-Lab Food Print – Enjoy Life without symptoms of food sensitivity


Ever wondered why some foods don’t always get along with your tummy?

It’s like a mysterious foodie puzzle we’re still figuring out, but here’s a tasty tidbit: it all starts with your gut barrier. Think of it as the bouncer at a VIP party – when it’s not in top shape, undigested food proteins can sneak in where they shouldn’t, and that gets your immune system all irritated.

Now, let’s dig into the delicious details of why these food sensitivities pop up! Remember, it’s like a different recipe for each person:

  1. Tricky Digestion Dilemmas

Sometimes, your digestion isn’t in its A-game. Foods might not get broken down properly, making your tummy say, “Hey, what’s this?” That confusion can trigger a little immune commotion.

  1. Microbiome Mix-Up

Meet your gut’s best friends – the good bacteria! But when these buddies are out of balance, it’s like a party gone wrong. This can happen due to things like bad diets or unwelcome guests like parasites and yeast.

  1. Unwanted Guests – Eek!

Imagine some uninvited critters crashing your gut party. Yep, we’re talking parasites, yeast, and bacterial gate crashers. They can make your immune system throw a bit of a fit.

  1. Foodie Faux Pas

Eating habits matter, too! A not-so-great diet can make your gut grumpy, and that might lead to some food sensitivity fireworks.

  1. Meddling Meds

Even those well-intentioned meds like antibiotics can sometimes stir the pot. They might affect your gut balance and give your immune system a nudge.


So, while we’re still piecing together the full puzzle, remember that your body’s food quirks are like a secret code waiting to be cracked. And hey, don’t worry – with a bit of detective work, you and your gut can become the ultimate foodie dream team! 🍏🕵️♀️🍔


Now, let’s talk about spotting those signs of food sensitivity!

Imagine your body’s trying to send you secret messages, like it’s playing a game of charades with your health. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve got a balloon in your belly, or your bathroom breaks are getting a little too frequent, it might be time to consider the food sensitivity spotlight.

But wait, there’s more! Check out this lineup of chronic guests crashing your feel-good party:

So, there you have it – your body’s little way of saying, “Hey, something’s up!”

If these symptoms are giving you the nod, it might be time to team up with a food sensitivity test and unveil the mysterious story your body’s been trying to tell. 🕵️‍♀️🎉🚀

Your genes, biochemistry, and gut buddies are all unique – and this test knows it. It’s like a VIP pass to crafting a lifestyle that’s all about YOU.


1. Bloating – It’s like your tummy’s playing dress-up in a puffier outfit.
2. Constipation – Your digestion might be doing the slow-motion waltz.
3. Diarrhoea – The fast lane to the bathroom? Yep, that might be a clue.
4. Flatulence – Your belly’s got its own little wind orchestra going on.
5. Headaches – Your head might be protesting with some unwelcome thumping.
6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Your gut’s channelling its inner drama queen.
7. Lethargy – Feeling like you’re slogging through mud? Food sensitivity might be the director.
8. Migraine – Your head might be hosting its own disco party (and not the fun kind).
9. Nausea – Your tummy’s giving you the side-eye, and it’s not cool.
10. Stomach Cramps / Abdominal Pain – Your gut’s got some stories to tell, and they’re not bedtime fairy tales.


So, here’s the scoop: this food sensitivity test is your ticket to a personalised wellness journey. It’s like a friendly nudge from your body to explore what works best for you. Get ready to rock the world of health, one delicious bite at a time! 🎉🍏🕵️‍♀️


About Food Print Test

Discovering your body’s food mysteries is like solving a mystery case with the FoodPrint® test! Imagine it as your immune system’s own messaging service – sending out little messengers called IgG antibodies. Think of it like your immune system’s text messages. It uses tiny messengers called IgG antibodies when it’s not a fan of certain food type. Now, let’s break down how this test works!

Step 1:  Sample Collection

Get ready for a mini-adventure towards a major discovery! We’ll need a tiny blood sample, but no worries – you can embark on this mission at our collection center or even from the comfort of your home/office using our home collection service. Easy peasy!

Step 2: The Magic behind C-Lab Laboratory

Off your blood sample goes on an exciting journey to our ISO  accredited laboratory, where our team of laboratory professionals get to work. They’re like food detectives, meticulously analysing your sample to uncover the levels of IgG antibodies. They’re on a mission to detect your reactions to a whopping 222 different foods, all sorted by sensitivity. It’s like a gourmet exploration of your body’s preferences!

Step 3: Unveiling the Delicious Results

Once the lab adventure is complete, you’ll receive your report in the utmost confidentiality – it’s like your very own treasure map! This map holds the key to navigating your unique food landscape. And guess what? You’ll have your results in just 2 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long to unveil the culinary secrets your body’s been keeping.

So, there you have it – the FoodPrint® test is your passport to understanding how your body reacts to various foods. It’s a playful peek into your body’s culinary preferences, guiding you on a journey to make smarter, yummier choices. Get ready to embark on a tasteful adventure like no other!



The FoodPrint® test isn’t just a test; it’s a key to unlocking your body’s secret language. It empowers you to make informed choices about what goes on your plate and into your body. Think of it as your body’s own secret code decoder, analysing over 200 foods with a sprinkle of extra options for our vegan and vegetarian pals.

Now, here’s where the real magic happens: microarray technology takes the spotlight. Imagine it as a super-smart food detective with the power to scan a whole buffet of foods in one go! It’s like having a taste test for your immune system. And guess what? This tech doesn’t just stop at tasting – it’s all about the numbers. A dash of precision meets a dollop of accuracy, making FoodPrint the superhero of food intolerance testing.

So, whether you’re a full-on food explorer or just looking for a little dietary detective work, FoodPrint has your back. It’s like having your very own food GPS, guiding you towards choices that’ll leave you feeling amazing. If food intolerance has been casting a shadow on your well-being, the FoodPrint® test could be your ray of sunshine. Consult a healthcare professional, consider the FoodPrint® test, and embark on a journey towards a happier, healthier you. Your body will thank you for it!