4 April 2023

Mother and child centre opens at C-Care IHK

The month of February is good timing for C-Care IHK to share an exciting announcement: The opening of a Mother and Child Centre dedicated to the care and wellness of expectant mothers, mothers and new-borns. The centre will address issues affecting women, children, and families, including access to recommended prenatal, well-childcare, infant and maternal mortality prevention, postnatal care, child vaccines, nutrition and more.

The Mother and Child Centre is well-equipped with labour theatre, private recovery rooms, specialists dedicated to the wellness of the mother and Child throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. The benefits of having a specialised facility are reaped by the spectrum of patients including mothers, mothers-in-waiting, new-borns but also to their families’ peace, knowing that their loved ones are in safe hands.

Mothers have centralised access to expert knowledge. Whether you’re in need of assistance with a hyperactive toddler – and the temper tantrums and toilet training that entails – or you require advice on other parenting challenges, the C-Care team at the Centre are willing and able to counsel you, providing you with practical experience backed by expert knowledge from the latest research.

Furthermore, One has access to a peer group, composed of people who are walking the same  journey and who can help one cope, and celebrate with you every step of the way. As formative an experience as pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are, the relationships you forge within your peer group can be amongst the most profound and impactful. Expanding the perspective of your individual experience can be grounding and assuring, and validate your own experiences and progress, triumphs and hardships.

At the mother and Child Centre, you will also be granted access to C-Care’s maternity packages. Our maternity packages are designed to ensure your entire experience – from pre-natal to post-natal – is as smooth as possible and include a labour and delivery room as well as a lounge. As mothers recover from the most trying and rewarding experience, comfort is key and privacy preferable, which is why our packages include a choice to pick from.

Families can be rest assured their loved one is in the most expert and caring hands,

At C-Care, we take pride in providing mothers, expectant mothers, and new-born babies the most comfortable experience possible. Join us on this journey.