Patient Registration


    patient is identifiers are captured and checked in on the Navision data base to activate the visit if it is a first-time visit, for subsequent visits the name or PIN number may be used to pull up the record upon presentation of some form of ID.


    Once the patient has been checked in at reception, depending on their mode of payment verification will be done to authorize the consultation for invoicing patients, cash patients will be requested to pay the consultation fee.


    The patient then proceeds to triage to have their vital signs taken and also to determine if their condition may need urgent attention in which case they are transferred to the A&E.

    The following categories of patients must be identified during the triage process and fast tracked, this means that the triage nurse will give a red tag and also notify the doctor on duty immediately of their presence to ensure that they are attended to without delay:

    • All Critically ill patients as determined by the vitals
    • Pregnant women in labour or with vaginal bleeding
    • The elderly (age above 70 years) and Frail patients


    After the triage, patients then wait in queue to see the clinician for the consultation. After the consultation the patient may exit after final verification if no medication or tests have been prescribed, otherwise they may proceed for investigations or to the pharmacy.


    Patients will be sent to the laboratory or to the radiology department with a request form for investigations; reports generated are sent to the clinician for review.


    Patients with results from the investigations are seen once more by the doctor who prescribes the appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis. A review date may also be given.


    Prescriptions from the clinicians are serviced at the pharmacy and verified by accounts before medication is dispensed. Cash patients are given the cost of drugs by the accounts department which is paid to the cashier before the drugs are dispensed.

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    After completing the process the patient may then leave. This process has been summarized in the OPD process map.