Billing Process


  1. • Credit/ Invoicing/Insurance - Present Insurance Card, Letter of Undertaking / Communication from Corporate payer.

    • Cash - Directed to payment of consultation of the doctor to be consulted.


    • Patients are informed of the cost of services to be received & given an invoice for payment for services to be received.

    • Direct access to Laboratory, Radiology & Pharmacy is possible, pre-billing done for costs of services.

    • Pre-authorisation for some services may be required for patients under insurance.


  1. • All admissions are centralised through the admissions desk next to the A&E department. Admission is registered with an admission number & ward allocation done at this point.

    • Cash patients - Will be requested to pay a deposit on admission corresponding to nature of the admission.

    • Insurance clients - Will be required to present a letter of undertaking from their Insurance provider. In case no undertaking is available, The hospital will pre-authorise the admission & will confirm coverage upon the insurer’s response within 24 hours of admission following which if no response is received, Patient may be required to settle the admission as Cash.


    • Onward, daily interim invoices are provided to all patients, for which the balance is expected to be below the guaranteed amount for insurance patients/ the amount deposited for Cash Patients.

    • Insurance patients may receive invoices for non-covered /none guaranteed services.

    • Financial counselling - Will be given to patients with invoices exceeding the minimum guaranteed amount.

    • The final bill is generated on the date of discharge & final guarantee for services sought form Insurance.

    • Final discharge approved by ward billing When all services are fully covered or paid for.

    • Final bill will be submitted to insurance for payment.


My next of kin will be contacted for an additional deposit should the amount on my interim bill exceeds the deposit made at the outset.