Dr. Hansini Palaram-Poorun



  • Neurology & Neurosurgery

Professional Qualifications

MBBS MD Switzerland, Europe.

MD Switzerland EU

Member of the Swiss Society of Clinical Neurophysiology


These sur le syndrome de vasoconstriction reversible en 2016.

“Member of the swiss society of clinical neurophysiology, journee neurologie de la
langue francaise. I have been performing umtrasonography of the intracerebral circulation, performing electroencephalophy. I have also been working alongside neurosurgeons in treating patients by deep brain stimulation for advanced severe parkinson. Being posted in the neuro vascular department, we have been performing thrombolysis and thrombectomy for the treatment of acute stroke as well as their rehabilitation. “

Articles publies

Journal of the Neurological Sciences volume 373 15 February 2017 : Familial Hemifacial spasm of young onset- report of two cases

Work Experience

I have been working in Switzerland for several years before coming back to Mauritius. I have been trained in treating patients with migraine, epilepsies, memory disorders including alzheimer, loss of consciousness, vertigo, neuropathic pain e.g sciatica, gait and walking disabilities, stroke and cerebral tumors, hydrocephalus, parkinson and other movement disorders.

Areas of Specialisation


2000-2005 bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery SSR medical college, university of Mauritius

2006-2010 registered medical practitioner having worked in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and anesthesia

2010-2012: faisant fonction d’interne neurochirurgie et assistant a multiples interventions neurochirurgicales, telles des tumeurs cerebrales, anevrismes et deep brain stimulation pour la maladie de parkinson ainsi que des angiographies cerebrales

2012-2016: interne en formation en neurologie, departement neurovasculaire et ultrasonography cerebrale, electroencephalographie.

Traitement des attaques/accident vasculaire cerebral, hemorragies cerebrales, thromboses veineuses cerebrales, epilepsies et perte de connaissance, vertiges et perte de l’equilibre, troubles de la marche et de la memoire tels que la demense dont l’Alzheimer, les migraines et faiblesses, la maladie de Parkinson et autres tremblements, les tumeurs cerebrales.

Consultation at C-Care Darné

Consultation at C-Care Wellkin